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 Aplication Dayora ( Accepted )

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Dayora Sharom

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PostSubject: Aplication Dayora ( Accepted )   Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:17 pm

Full Name:Dayora Sharom

Background: Dayora was a engeneer on the Exodar until the day when it chrashed on Azeroth. Initialy there was much debate about why the grate ship crashed and how the blood elfs managed to get in and reack havog, later investigations and interogations of blood elf captives brouth news of a tratore among the ships crew that helped them bord and destroy the equipment. Naturaly afther discovering this bit of information the peace keepers arested all the crew members that were asigned to that part of the ship. Dayora was one of those crewmen and at the time these orders were sent she was working in Azure Wach and managed to heare them before the local peace keepers. Now fear began to overwelm her , the acuzation of sabotage was seriose enough but the orders alsow told that the suspects might be corupded by the Leagione itself. Knowing how the peace keepers delt with fallen ones se grabed the nerest weapone she could find (a crossbow) and fled for the shore.Dayora ran all the way to Silvermist Isle wher she knew a local night elf fisherman that lended her a small boat she used to sail to the main land.
Once on Kalindore Dayora traveld south keeping to the forest avoiding all setalments or patroles fearing for her life.For several years she remained hiden in Ashenvale forest surviving on wath the land had to ofer, even befrending some of the creatures that lived there like Bruno the bear with hom she spent several cold winthers in the same cave and Zabii the with wolf whom she found abandoned as a pup and reised him ever since. Eventually she grew to thrive and love this new beautiful yet harsh enviroment and her new friends doue noth of the talking type helped her maintaine most of here sanity intact. But eventually she could not stay in the forest anny longer she hed to find other companiones whith whom to shere her experiences, preferably of the 2 leaget kind.
Eventually thinking that enough time has pased since the incident she worked up the courage to aprouch one of the elven setelments in the forest of whitch she lather found out was named Astranaar . Surpraisingly the elfs ware quite accepting of her and did not prove hostile at all.Yet this was not the only surprise that awaited her in the setelment, one of her former colegues from the exodare was there amongs the sentinels, they were bouth surprised to see each other and began to tell there stories. Aparently shortly afther she ran away the betrayer was discoverd and punushet wile the rest of the crew was given full pardon of the incident. Yet there was one exception because she rezisted arest and ran away Dayora continued to be a suspect of the sabotage for a wile but since no furder incriminating or discriminating proof could be found the judges decided to exile her from the Exodar.
This new turn of events shocked her but eventually she came to therms with wath hapend and decidet to leave it in the phast where it was. Here old life was over and during her time spent in the wildernes she grew in to a diferent person, she enjoied this new world and it's semig limitles misteris and deciding to see wath oportunities it might give her.
From thet point onwards she continues to travel the world helping those she can and doing odd jobs like: digger in Bael Modan; stripper then asistent engeneer in Gadgetzan or hunter in Un'Goro crater, never remaining for to long in one place. The rode is her home now and she has no intention of moving anny time soon .

Personality: She is like the boms she makes calm, steddy , but once u get her angry well... hell have now furry (espeshally if shes drunk).Enjoies the company of others thou a litel bit introvertite. Always tries to keep a smile on her face and looks for the brite side of tings.Listens to orders as long as there faire and not obcenely stupid.Here vew on life is: "Enjoy every day while looking forward to tomarow"

Reason to join: is simple , the world is a splendid place but it is more enjoiable in the company of others and wilst ascking about the existing guilds she found out about The Rusty Nails Adventurers guild and thot that these ar people of like mind sow she started serching for oficers to join.

About yourself: 21 year old student and i'm similar to my char cuz it's easier to paly: calm, colected, it tacks a lot to piss me of . And i like to expres my mind openli no inhibitions but i'm cival about it .i lisen to critisisem directed twards me or others as long as it's not from a troll(if sow then it's time to light the kindling ).

Would you call yourself a light, medium or heavy roleplayer?: I'm a beginer at this Dayora being my first char on Agen Dawn and all my roll plaing exp is mostly from bord games like D&D or World of Darknes. Fore those familiar with D&D my friends say i'm a deiva player tipe but i'm traing to work around that isue and as i said before i am open to critisisam sow if I go overbord or somting feal free to tel it to me streit to my face.
(In game my chai is named: Dayora)
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Aplication Dayora ( Accepted )
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