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 No one leave Grand Hamlet. Ever.

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PostSubject: No one leave Grand Hamlet. Ever.   Mon May 23, 2011 1:20 am

(A typical "what if" story about one of Azeroths dark corners.)

Keep running, dont look back.
Just run, dont try to listen, keep running.
Erik Thorsen , a solider in the Stormwind army was running for his life or worse.
It was unreal.
But the sounds were real enough, they were following him still.
Focusing on the road he tried his best to fight the panic and to ignore his burning lungs as he ghasped for air.
It had been a perfectly normal asignment, it was supposed to be easy and smooth.
But now he would rather face orcs in the swamp of sorrows.
Spotting a shadow up ahead Erik nearly tripped before he saw that this person was not like them.
Ghasping he tried to talk and instead tointed the way he had come.

"Whoa now, easy. Are you ok? What happend?"

Ghasping for air Erik finlay glanced over his shoulder and froze.
Not a sound...nothing at all.

"Name is Antonio Perelli. Traveler and salesman. Why did you run like that? Is it worgen? Bandits?"

Tremebeling Erik looked back at the man and shook his head as he tried to catch his breath and force some words out of his dry mouth.

Antonio raised a brow and held out his canteen to Erik.
"Drink. Its just water but you look like you need it."

Taking the canteen and swallowing some water Erik looked back the way he had came and back at Antonio.
"...They. In the village. They changed. Somehow. All of them just... I was there to get supplies. For the fights in the swamps of sorrow.
It was late and i planned to make my way back first thing in the morning.
Last thing i remember was the old clocktower strike twelve and... they all ... They were all dead!"

Studying Erik Antonio shook his head.
"I dont know how to tell you this but... that just is not possible.
I have traded with the people for ages now.
Never seen anything out of the ordinary."

"But they were after me! Screaming for my blood! I heard them, they were chasing me!"

Patting Erik on the back Antonio smiled reassuringly.
"There is no one there... i think i know what happend.
You tried the moonshine, dont deny that. Its on your breath.
Its strong stuff and it likely made you dose off. Gave you one hell of a nightmare."

Staring at Antonio Erik blinked a few times and looked back the way he had came agein.
The road was quiet, no one in sight... was it possible? Just a boose nightmare?

"Listen... if they did follow you we should see plenty of tracks, right? Lets look."

Without waiting Antonio walked the way Erik had came leaving Erik torn for a moment before he followed.

"See? only your tracks here. Its the moonshine, its probably killing braincells with every mouthful.
Come on now. If they saw you run like that im sure they got worried."

Nodding weakly Erik followed back to the village.
It had seemed so real, so...intense. Last time he would drink. For sure.
If it gave him that kind of bad dreams he could go dry for the rest of his life.

"See? Same old Darkshire."

Erik nodded and walked towards the old fountain.
"i...i feel so stupid now... i was so sure that..."

"I know, good thing i was there before you got away."

Blinking Erik turned back and stepped back, almost falling into the old fountain.
What had once been people came out of the houses.
"You see... No one leave Grand Hamlet. Ever."

The screams echoed through duskwood but only for a moment.
Then all was once agein silent like the grave.
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PostSubject: Re: No one leave Grand Hamlet. Ever.   Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:21 am

Lovely story, i truly love Grand Hamlet and its mystery that still has yet to be unsolved with those Rider's identities and such, i also always thought they have a reference to LOTR Nazgul, then again..alot of LOTR references are in WoW.
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No one leave Grand Hamlet. Ever.
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