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 Forum application for existing initiate

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PostSubject: Forum application for existing initiate   Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:58 am

Full name: Diandre Lightblade

Background: Diandre was once a proud and noble knight who served under the banner of the alliance. She had known many battles, many friends, and was exalted amongst various clans and factions. But one day she was sent urgently into Outland to do a survey mission to check the threat of the once thriving burning legion incase it was once again making progress to reforge an army to invade Azeroth. Already Azeroth had been torn apart by the arrival of Deathwing and King Varian was more than concerned that at a time when the horde and alliance were neck and neck at each others' throats for conquest and with the twilight cult looming over their heads in the highlands that this would spell disaster should the burning legion make another attempt for yet another invasion, especially now that the world tree was once again in bloom.

Unfortunately for Diandre she got reckless. Thinking she was invulnerable to the fiends in Outland she taunted them high in the sky until she made a terrible mistake. She was knocked off her steed and sent hurtling down into the twisting nether when a vortex opened up and swallowed her in.

Eventually she awoke to find herself in a world that was like her own but not her own. Her title was lost, her friends and family no longer existed, events that she had known were never heard of, and to top it off her belongings had been stolen while she was unconscious and much of her skills and abilities had also been forgotten. With no belongings, no recognition, and no home to go to she was going to have to work hard once more to get her dignity back and her place of honor amongst the paladin knights.

Personality: She is a very determined young woman, keen to work hard and aid those around her. She is very protective of those she values and will do anything to keep them from being harmed or endangered. She can be a little reckless and excited sometimes, and there's often times she looks back and reminiscs over events, sometimes with regrets over lost friends and loved ones.

Reason to join: Since her arrival into the new world she realised that her own household no longer existed and that if she was to become more stronger and able to fight in more tougher battles she was going to have to find a new residence, one that was building strong bonds between its members and had a fairly strong foundation. An advertisement amongst a guild locator board caught her attention and she felt drawn to it. Without hesitation she attempted to make contact with the guild elders in hopes of finding herself a new circle of friends to work together with and once again bring order to Azeroth.

Other facts: She is an exceptionally fast learner and is one for doing much research into improving her class. She is always seeking advice from various sources on how to improve her swings, ways to improve her gear and any special skills that would prove invaluable to her job. On top of her main career which is a frontline knight, often referred as a tank to many people, she has also done much research into choosing the right professions to benefit her job the most and as a result she learned many special cuts before her memory was erased. However she does not intend to let her accident hold her back and seeks to either relearn all that was lost and forgotten or hope that the light will bless her into recovering her memory and her abilities.

About yourself I'm pretty much like my character in personality. I'm fairly determined, if not a little stubborn at times which can get me a little frustrated if things don't go to plan, but a little prod now and then keeps me from going too far.

I like to socialise aswell as just playing the game and fighting through dungeons, I'm humorous in most situations but when it comes to something that's more serious and needs full focus and attention I'll switch into full focus mode. Sometimes though I'll find that too much focus can tire my mind and usually a quick break helps to get me back in motion again, I know this isn't good coming from a tank however I've been in some guilds that did hours of raiding without breaks and I feel that this coupled with extended raid hours and numerous failed attempts was what was wearing me down and not that I was a bad player with poor concentration.

My ears are always open to constructive criticism and ways to improve my class. I'm often eager to lend a hand and assist in ways that I can. I'm not much of a leader, but with backup and a little confidence I could be convinced to lead if necessary. I'm very good with web design and art manipulation. If anything I can be very critical about website designs, but I usually keep that to myself unless someone asks my opinion. (On a soft note I think this site is pretty nicely designed, it's simple yet informative and useable without meaningless clutter and an "oh god it's another wowstead cataclysm design.")

Would you call yourself a light, medium or heavy roleplayer? Tough question, I think I'm more inbetween medium and heavy. I roleplay when I can, and when I roleplay I try to do it well. I try to avoid the typical guy walks into a pub, gets drunk and ends up in a brawl with a pair of death knights all speeking liek they dun no how 2 speek engrish and comparing the size of each others' weapons... swords, that is. Razz I also dislike erp, I think it's disgusting and won't get involved if I hear of it going on.

For how long have you been roleplaying? Back in early December 2006 I was on Moonglade EU RP realm, my guild then had some strict policies on only using roleplay chat in all chat tabs including guild chat and used separate private channels for normal chatting. Around the first quarter of 2007 I transferred to the horde side and continued roleplaying on and off until late 2007 when the guild disbanded, more off than on at that point as they had turned into a hardcore raiding guild and roleplay events were becoming less and less frequent. I continued to stay around until the end of 2007 bouncing between different roleplaying guilds that all fell apart and even tried hosting my own realm roleplay events before I finally gave in and left to normal realms.

What previous roleplaying guilds have you been a member of before the nails? On the alliance side I was member of Azeroth Elders on Moonglade EU. When I switched to the horde I joined with Downfall. After that I couldn't tell you the names of the guilds after that, I went through so many and they all collapsed within weeks of joining them.

Other facts? My main which is a paladin tank blood elf is still on Twisting Nether EU realm. I'm perfectly willling to transfer her to Argent Dawn and cross-faction to the alliance side, however it's a matter of cost and at £35 per character transfer it's not gonna happen quickly. I may well stick to transferring just the one character which would be the paladin tank blood elf and at some point level other characters from level 1 when I have the time and patience.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum application for existing initiate   Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:11 am

Appreciate the application despite you being part of the guild anyhow.
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Forum application for existing initiate
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