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 Getch's Application

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PostSubject: Getch's Application   Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:29 am

About your character

Full name: Getch Greatgear

Background: Getch Greatgears is an ex-sailor and a skilled engineer who is currently looking for more opportunities that'll bring him good fortune. Nonetheless he dreams to become an adventurer as he always wanted to be. (Wants to share his adventures with other people and not alone)

Personality: Friendly, Willing to help, A little curious.

Reason to join: As I mentioned above, he is looking for the adventure of his life.

Other facts: Though he is a priest, he uses more his engineering skills than those provided by the Light. (He's been taught by the crew's priest.)

About yourself

Would you call yourself a light, medium or heavy roleplayer? I find myself somewhere between medium and heavy. I roleplay - only - because it is fun. I don't like pressure in roleplaying.

For how long have you been roleplaying? I could say one year and a half, maybe even two and only in WoW.

What previous roleplaying guilds have you been a member of before the nails? I had been in many guilds... but unfortunately most of them have been "broken".
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Getch's Application
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