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 Application to become a Rusty Nail!

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PostSubject: Application to become a Rusty Nail!   Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:25 am

Full name: Tulibur Stormsong

Background: He was born before the War of the ancients, his place of birth was Elune'ara in Moonglade. There he grew up learning the ways of druidism, Tulibur took part in War of the ancient and fought bravely, I was responsible for leading many elves on recon missions as well as straight up attacks.

After the war and the betrayal of "Deathwing" he lived on until he ventured over to the eastern kingdoms, there he joined the Military of Stormwind, this was before the human factions united under the banner of "The Alliance" in response to the first coming of The Horde.

After escaping Stormwind with who ever was lucky enough to get out lead by Lothar, he was stationed in the Silverpine forest region, As he had previous battle experience over hundreds of years, as well as being a strategical thinker, Tulibur was granted the position of Marshall for the duration of the First and Second War.

When the conflict was over and the Orcs were rounded up into camps, he returned to Stormwind and was official granted the position of Marshall of the Alliance. From then to now, he has lead many excursions such as sieges to Blackrock Mountain as well as venturing to the Black Temple in eastern Shadowmoon, to provide support.

He is currently on leave from the Military.

Personality: Tulibur is wise and has a rather long fuse. He has a deep connection with the wild.

Reason to join: I was doing a little bit of RP with some of your members and I feel it was an enjoyable experience.

Other facts: Contrary to popular belief he does actually like Dwarven stout.

About yourself

Q. Would you call yourself a light, medium or heavy roleplayer?

A. Medium

Q. For how long have you been roleplaying?

A. 1 year but it is just the same as telling a story.

Q. What previous roleplaying guilds have you been a member of before the nails?

A. None

I used to do a lot of improvisation with my friends as well as story telling which has no set goal and just goes a long depending what the person playing does.
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PostSubject: Re: Application to become a Rusty Nail!   Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:52 am

We are currently full in numbers, I'll come back to you when we've got spots open.
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Application to become a Rusty Nail!
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